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Students will prepare an in-depth
report on a product or service of your choice and describe in detail your
marketing plan. This assignment pulls
together all the knowledge your have accumulated during this semester. You must do some research on the product
category chosen, using at least five sources from the business/economics data
base in the library and the Internet.
You may also cite your textbook, but must also have at least 3 other
non-textbook sources. This research
should help you identify demographic or statistical or other type of data
that will help you build your plan. With current information, together with
what you have learned from the assigned readings and class discussions, you
will create a new product or service, and write a paper describing how you
plan to market this product.
The paper, typed and double-spaced,
should be no less than three pages and no more than seven pages.
This activity is designed not only to
enable students to apply knowledge to real world situations but also to
enhance their skills at writing, critical thinking, and information
literacy. Students will be assessed on
these skills as well as on their knowledge.

Paper Due Date: 8/3/12

Composition of Project

Using the outline
below, you are to prepare an in-depth report covering all the major
areas provided in the outline.

Your paper should be divided into three major sections:

The first part of your paper should give some background of your product,
reason for your choice and the various areas you plan on discussing.

A detailed discussion of the areas you covered in the outline should be
expanded on in this second part. Provide more in-depth information to the
various areas which were on the outline wherever possible. All areas covered
are in the textbook.

The concluding portion of your project should be a review and summary of the
major aspects of your project, as well as a critique of your own feelings as
to what you derived from this marketing exercise.

Proper English should be used; spelling and typographical
errors should be avoided. Footnotes, references, etc., must be included.

(Please note the product you are to market may be either
your own invention or chosen from existing products.)

PURPOSE: This activity is designed not only to enable
students to apply knowledge to real world situations but also to enhance their
skills at writing, critical thinking, and information literacy.

following outline as a guide in developing your paper. YOU SHOULD
As a term project you are to market a product which you have either
chosen from existing products. You should research your chosen
product/category in order to make reasonable choices and recommendations and
sound decisions. Your research and
resources should be listed in the reference section of your paper.


What is the name of your product? _________________

What type of product is it? _____________________

What is the general market for your product:



Segment of population that comprises your market:


Income range_________________


Occupation (if relevant) ____________________

Stages in family life cycle (See chap. 5 in textbook)

Why did you choose this market segment? Briefly discuss
and explain reason(s) for choosing particular segment(s).

Buying motives that you will appeal to your chosen
market: (see chap. 6 )


Reasons: _________________________________________


How will you conduct your test market for your product?

Cite sources that can be used in achieving further
research data: ________________________________

analysis for your product: who is your
competition? Whatyou’re your
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats you face?______________

Where will you secure funding for your business?

Pricing Policy:



_______Other (please explain)

Reasons for your choice:

Price of product: _____________________________

Amount of price that represents profit: _____________

Amount of price that represents cost: ______________

How do you plan to promote your product? Include media to
be used and sales promotion to be used. Be specific. Fully discuss this part
of the marketing mix. Please provide a reason for each type of decision.

Selling method which will be used:

__________Retail outlet


Supermarket, department store, discount store, specialty
shop, etc.

E.G. National, Local, Shopping Malls, City, etc.

__________Mail order


__________Personal selling

Which method of transportation do you plan to use to ship
your product from manufacturing point to sales site?

__________Road (trucks)

Explain one uncontrollable variable upon your product and
explain how you will defend your product against this factor:

Summarize your project and provide a critique of what you
have gained from this paper.

100 points

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