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W3, A2

Employee Rights and Property Searches

Situation 1

In January 2011, Mopak
Corporation hired a security company to search all the vehicles in its parking
lot for drugs and guns. The security company’s officers also used five drug
detection dogs. Guns were found in several vehicles, but no drugs were found.
The corporation believed that all employees whose vehicles had weapons violated
the company policy that prohibited the possession of weapons at the workplace.
As a result of the search, the Mopak terminated five employees and ten contract
workers. The employees and contract workers immediately sued the corporation
for wrongful termination.

Based on the situation, answer the following

  • What
    arguments can the employees and contract workers make in their suit?
  • What
    arguments will Mopak Corporation make in response to the suit for wrongful
  • Which
    party will win and why?

Submit your answers in a 2- page Microsoft
Word document. **APA formatting, Provide References with citations quoted work,
Introduction & Conclusion, please**

Cite any sources you use in the APA

Identified and described the arguments that
employees can make in their wrongful termination suit.

Analyzed and described the arguments that the
corporation can make in response to this wrongful termination suit and
justified whether employees succeeded in suing the corporation.

Submit 2- page Microsoft Word document.
APA formatting, references and citations.
Make sure there is an Introduction, Conclusion, Recommendations.

Respond to the following questions using
the following book reference: Bagley, C. (2012). Managers and the Legal
Environment: Strategies for the 21st Century (7th ed). Cengage Learningand credible outside research such as 2-SCHOLARLY sources to support your findings.

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Title: mopak-corporation-hired-a-security-company-to-search-all-the-vehicles-in-its-parking

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