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More information about Assessment 3 –Three Activities

In this course, you are required to view or participate inthreecrisis management sessions that may be either pre-recorded or live.

After each activity you need to write a one page reflection on the activity. The reflection must:

  • be typed in 11 point font, 1.5 line spacing
  • include the name and date of the exercise
  • specify whether you attended the activity or viewed a recording
  • include three key items that you learned that will help you become an effective crisis communicator and why you think they will be helpful
  • In the case of the tutorial, identify how you participated in the activity

You will have a number of activities to choose from, but need only take part inthree.If we are lucky enough to get a guest into the TV studio, you can take part in the live streamed activity and ask questions directly, or you can watch the recordings that we put up on StudyDesk.

We will announce the activities shortly.

Once you havecompleted all three reflections, you need to put them into one Word document and submit it via EASE by 11.59pm (AEST) 26 October 2011.

and please i need you to see the three activities videos and do the assignment based on these videos

and i will give you my username and password for university to login and see these videos

please get in my page in university website
then go to uconnect on right top on page
then enter my username and password
username: w0096836
password: HW5QjqeE
then click on Ulearn
then click on my subject is issues and crisis management

then click these link on the page shows below assignment 3 which you will doAmanda Gearing presentationMatt Grant’s presentationCrisis management case study by Sarah ElliottActivities for assignment 3
and make sure it is assessment 3 and you can download other files to have idea about the subject
kind regardsand please ask me if you are facing anything or need any question

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Title: more-information-about-assessment-3-three-activities

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