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with finish this final assignment would you be able to help me with the bullets for this assignment?

Most Accurate Description of the Final Project

The final project is to be a powerpoint which will be a culmination of your forum posts. Here are the topics for your final project ahead of time. Keep these in mind as you post in your forums.

You want a blend of text and images on every slide!

Slide 1: Title of Your Presentation and Iconic images (please NO images of signs, show the forest!)
Slide 2: Your forest location in the state(s) and in a U.S. with a map and your Forest “type”– what make your forest distinctive from others across the country?
Slide 3: Prehistory of the landscape in your forest (See Forum 1)
Slide 4: History of the landscape in your forest 1600-1900 (See Forum 1)
Slide 5: Modern history of your forest 1900-today (See Forum 1)
Slide 6: Food Web on Residents (plants and animals) in your forest ecosystem (See Forum 2)
Slide 7: Specific Pests, Diseases and Invasive Species (See Forum 2)
Slide 8: What is the nature of fire in your forest? What is the lightning and burn frequency? (See Forum 3)
Slide 9: What are all the laws governing your forest? (See Forum 4)
Slide 10: Illustrate at least 5 specific products that your forest provides? (See Forum 5).
Slide 11: Illustrate the ecosystem services your forest provides (See Forum 5).
Slide 12: Economic Opportunity Slide: Evaluate the list of economic opportunities, outline pros and cons of each and make a specific Recommendation. This is the place to demonstrate your mastery of forestry concepts!

White Paper on Economic Opportunity for Your Forest

You must make money with your forest. Evaluate each option with a pros and cons analysis and make a final recommendation for generating income for your forest.

  1. wood pellets
  2. fracking
  3. high grade timbering
  4. low grade timbering
  5. non timber forest products
Ottawa National

BY: Christopher Gadson

Size: 1,026,329 (at
Location: Upper
Western Michigan to
the shores of
Type of Forest:
Natural with over
2000 rivers, and

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English, Literature & Philology

One of the central concerns with regard to the structuring of this class has been to demonstrate the ways in which histories


Title: most-accurate-description-of-the-final-project

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