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My venture isthe photobooth rentals

In this assignment, you will describe your start-up team, addressing roles/responsibilities as well as talents and skills needed to effectively address the venture’s needs. Which is photo booth rentals.

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  1. Describe your founding team, specifying the talents, strengths and experience each member brings to the venture that will help it to become a success.
  2. Specify what role each team member will play in the organization.
  3. Most start-up teams are missing some particular expertise they need, so be sure to indicate where you will find that expertise in the form of professional advisers or independent contractors. If you have an advisory board or board of directors, you should name them as well.
  4. Include yourself into the founding team, clearly describing how your strengths (and limitations) will mesh with those of the team members.
  5. Assemble your work into a four- to six-page document, using APA formatting.

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Title: my-venture-isthe-photobooth-rentals-2

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