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NRS-441V: Capstone Project

Topic 4: Checklist

an Evaluation Plan and Disseminating Evidence


This checklist is designed to help students
organize the weekly exercises/assignments to be completed as preparation for
the final, capstone project proposal. This checklist will also serve as a
communication tool between students and faculty. Comments, feedback, and
grading for modules 1-4 will be documented using this checklist.




/ Feedback


Developing an Evaluation Plan

· Described methods used to evaluate effectiveness of proposed

____/ 4

· Described variables to be assessed when evaluating project

____/ 4

· Developed tools necessary to educate project participants.

_____ / 14

· Developed assessment tool(s) necessary to evaluate project

_____ /14

Written Format & Length Requirements
for Developing an Evaluation Plan

· Assignment formatted according to APA.

· Word Count: 800-1,000

_____/ 2

_____/ 2

Disseminating Evidence

· Discussed strategy for disseminating results of project to key

_____ / 18

· Discussed strategy for disseminating significance of project
outcomes to greater nursing community.

_____ / 18

Written Format & Length Requirements
for Disseminating Evidence

· Assignment formatted according to APA.

· Word Count: Evidence


_____/ 2

_____/ 2

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_____ / 80

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