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Visit one agency that deals with issues of marriage or family life. Use results of on-site learning to write a 3-4 page theological reflection paper using method of Practical Theology illuminating the needs of the persons involved in the agency and the way the agency seeks to meet those needs

Some notes:

To help guide Theological reflection in addressing questions and or challenges that arise in Ministry a number of methods have been developed to help us reflect and begin to address these questions and challenges. One that is often used at STU has been developed by the Whiteheads. I share with you a brief summary on which to base your final paper:

Question: Agency dealing with families.

Method based on three ‘pillars:’
1. Experience: Describe what you find. Who is there, what is happening. What are some of your assumptions, what are assumptions that others might hold about the ‘place.’ i.e. the Agency?
What do you yourself feel about this group? What in your own life experience helps or challenges you with regards to this?

2. Culture: What from the social sciences i.e. Psychology. Sociology, current research, statistics etc helps you understand the ‘ministry’ or service that is happening here. What from within this understanding of culture informs you to effectively communicate what is happening within this agency and why. This use of the word ‘culture’ is particular to this method. The various cultures (social / linguistic) may play a part but they belong more in #1.

3. Tradition: What does Theology have to say in helping us understand this agency, ministry etc? What are there in our theological traditions that can aid this reflection? In this instance certainly the material covered in Daring Promise would be helpful. Feel free to use Scripture or theological writings that are academic in nature.

Then the final piece of the paper should be what insights you have learned from this agency and the theological reflection that you have done.

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Title: one-agency-that-deals-with-issues-of-marriage-or-family-life

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