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Change resistance.

One of the
challenges of facilitating change within an organization is overcoming
resistance towards change. Even if a change is for the better, not everyone
affected by the change will fully realize its benefit. For example, some people
may perceive a change as impacting their work performance negatively (be it in
the short or long term), thus making them resistant to said change. As you
might expect, too, the opinions about a change vary from person to person.
Furthermore, in order to minimize resistance, you have to take the time to
understand that perspective. Consider the following scenario:

The CIO of a large
multinational corporation is planning to implement an ERP (enterprise resource
planning) system throughout the organization with a particular focus on
finance, order processing and human resources functions. Currently, these are standalone systems, and
the executive responsible for each area has considerable autonomy over his or
her area.

For this
Discussion, examine this change from the perspective of the employees the
change effects. As you view the change from different pointsofview, identify at
least two types of resistance the CIO might encounter from this change. Then,
your challenge is to recommend at least one strategy for minimizing this

To complete this

Post: Create an initial post in which you recommend at least one strategy
for minimizing resistance to the scenario’s ERP change. Begin by summarizing at least two types of resistance the CIO might encounter.
Then, explain why these types of resistance might occur and from whom. Using
this information, make your recommendation. You may use existing strategies,
modify existing strategies or develop your own strategy. Regardless of your
choice, you must fully justify your recommendation. Furthermore, fully state
and justify any other choices, assumptions or claims that you make using the
suggested Learning Resources for this week and/or your own research.

Respond: Respond to your colleagues.

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Title: one-of-the-challenges-of-facilitating-change-within-an-organization-is-overcoming

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