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Other Requirements: Introduction: Begin with background information on your basic subject: the concept that your ad is selling (comfort, sex, humanitarianism, etc.) Write for a few sentences on the concept itself: what it is, why it is so appealing, etc. Then mention your ad, the product, and the source of the ad (magazine, show/channel ). Briefly explain the target audience. Next, give your readers a hint as to what the rest of the essay is about by writing your Thesis and mapping. Your thesis is what you will show or prove, and your mapping is the list of the major ways you’ll prove your main point. Examples: “This Revlon ad emphasizes chic and sophistication through several emotional appeals: images of an upper class lifestyle, seductive questions, and the use of foreign words and phrases.” OR “The newest Ford truck commercial links the product with American commonsense values through a variety of emotional, logical and ethical appeals.”


1 Describe the commercial or ad. Give your reader a good picture of it, including design/layout, focal point(s), etc.

2. Analyze your first persuasive strategy. Begin with a Statement that tells what you will prove in this paragraph. Then Describe (This is your Evidence) how the strategy works in the ad/commercial. (ex: a description of an object or character, a quote from written or spoken information, etc.) Then Explain the effect of this strategy – how it makes you (as a potential target audience member) think, feel, what it makes you think of, and any other insights related to how this strategy works in this ad.

3 Repeat step 2 until you’ve analyzed all the appeals and strategies that are important.

Conclusion: Sum up by explaining how the strategies work together to “sell” the concept. Then Evaluate, explaining how well the ad works to sell the concept to its target audience.

REVISING: and EDITING: Rewrite your thesis three different ways, and choose the best one for your final draft. Underline your thesis in your final draft. When you submit your final draft, include a reflection containing: 1. A list of the three ways you revised your thesis. 2. The reason why you chose your final version. 3. At least one question or concern you have with this essay. This paper should be 3 pages long, double-spaced, 12pt font.

PUBLISHING: Check your Calendar for the duedate.

Minimum requirements for the essay to be graded:

Essay is an appropriately focused response to the writing task.
Essay meets or closely approaches the minimum length requirement.

· Essay communicates its message: Errors in sentence structure, usage and grammar do not form patterns that interfere with readability.

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