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Our research methodology requires
gathering relevant data from the specified documents, peer-reviewed journals,
and interviews (if you have not send me your interview questions yet you need
to do so ASAP. Do not wait till your next progress report) in order to analyze
the material and arrive at a more complete understanding of howorganizations
and business units that are faced with challenges related to virtualization and
virtualized environments, are able to overcome obstacles in order to fully
exploit the capabilities of their virtualized environments.

We hope to shed light on the
following questions through our research:

1) Does
the manageability of system resources become less or more efficient within the
virtual environment?

2) Can
a virtualized environment provide the same level of reliability for back-up
recovery than a physical environment?

3) Does
a virtual environment (versus a physical environment) affect an end-user’s
computing experience?

A qualitative evaluation shall be
utilized for this research project leveraging subjective methods such as
interviews to collect substantive and relevant data. These interviews shall be
conducted with individuals that work at group member’s places of employment,
who have experience with the topic of virtualization and virtualized
environments. Such a qualitative
approach is valuable here due to the varying experiences of these individuals
as well as the distinct/differing nature of the organizations that group
members work in.

Upon collecting the qualitative
data derived from said interviews, careful analysis shall be done (both
manually and utilizing statistical software).

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