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Plan the Database

This assignment supports the following objective(s):

 Describe the uses of Access

Assignment overview

Before you create your database, you will need to have a plan. Think about how you would use a database. Do you work at a company that currently uses a database to store information? Do you have a need to organize your contacts personally or professionally?

If you don’t have anything in particular in mind, create a plan that organizes people you know and their contact information. If you don’t have a lot of business contacts you’d like to include, try using your friends and family members as your contact records. This might also be convenient for you because chances are you’ve already got contact data stored in other sources, like an Excel spreadsheet or an e-mail address book.

Consider the information you would want to store about your contacts. What will you need to know? In addition to how you would contact them, think about how other people might contact them.


One Word document table that lists the database requirements

 Name the document using the convention: COP208_wk1_jsmith_mmddyyyy

Assignment details:

Complete the following:

1. In a Word document, plan your database using the following as a guideline:

Title of Database:

Table(s) Titles:

Determine the Primary Key (unique identifier):

Fields in the

[Field One]

[Field Two]

[Field Three]

[Field Four]

2. Write at least two paragraphs that describe the following:

a. List two other ways in which you can use Access, either personally or professionally.

b. List at least two of the database objects you would use (for example tables and forms), and state why you would use these two particular objects.

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Title: plan-the-database

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