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Please answer in 1/3 page EACHsingle spaced,
4 of the following 7 essays questions. The best answers will be complete,
accurate, refer to our text, include citation of the text (page number and
appropriate quoted material) and will be graded higher if they are insightful,
well written and demonstrate more than the minimum level of understanding of
the concept.

1. When considering the types of nonverbal
communication covered in chapter 6, choose 3 and describe 3 instances (1
for each of the three types you focus on) when you preferred to BELIEVE
the nonverbal message over the spoken content of the message. Include in
the answer text support and explanation as to why nonverbal won over verbal

2. The types of nonverbal communication are
particularly rich with possible examples of miscommunication. Describe in
350 an example of miscommunication that occurred in your life because of a
nonverbal miscommunication. Cite from the book definitional material,
conceptual material about misunderstanding and you may include a hyperlinked
support or two from the Internet.

3. The idea of Political Correctness (you are not
required to do all of these answers so if you didn’t prepare to be questioned
about Chapter 7, then skip this one), as described in our text, is met with a
discussion of myths of political correctness. Choose 3 out of the 5 myths
of political correctness and comment on a personal example that illustrates
them. OR you may look at Indoctrinate U, the film we watched to find the
example to write about. Refer to text and cite for better answers.

4. A discussion of Dramatistic theories in
chapter 8 brought up Irving Goffman’s work and front and back stage.
Provide a discussion of these terms, cite the text, bring in personal examples
and explain what it all means.

5. A discussion of Pop Culture in Chapter 9
discussed Pop Culture as a form of resistence against the dominant
culture. Expound on this idea with a fully developed example of a pop
culture icon, idea or phenonmenon. Provide a discussion of the example
supported by our text, and if necessary hyperlinked outside sources as
additional support.

6. The discussion in our text in chapter 9
considering SIMULCRA refers to our world and its mediated nature. What
moments of simulacra can you point to in your life that brought about a greater
understanding of reality and its nature. Refer to text, and outside
hyperlinked sources necessary.

7. Chapter 10 is concerned with Social
action. Wade Davis, the man in the Ted Talk (he spoke very fast and referred
to his social action agenda as being through photography) spoke of language and
its disappearance. Please discuss with the text information from chapter
10, and outside sources hyperlinked if necessary, a discussion of how mediated
communication could help or hinder our efforts to initiate social action after

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