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Research Paper:

For this
assignment, you will complete the areas as outlined in the evaluation methods
above in working to complete a research paper on a topic which must be approved by your
instructor during Unit 2
.Please pick
a topic which you have found interesting during your studies and is related to
the field of human services. Please remember that you cannot reuse any written
information that you have submitted during the program or previous academic
studies (e.g. papers, discussion boards, etc.) for this assignment. If you have
having trouble selecting a topic, please speak to your instructor immediately
to discuss ideas.

topics could include (but you do not have to select these topics):

of divorce on children

against women

of drug use on pregnancy

of Personality Disorders

with the foster care system and remedies

of elderly in nursing homes

related to ethnicity in the United States

of the media on Americans

instructor should approve your paper topic in Unit 2. If your topic is not
approved, you cannot write your paper on this topic. Your rough draft is due at
the end of Unit 6 and the final submission of the research paper is due at the
end of Unit 8. Rubrics will be used to grade your work. Assignments should be
written in the format of the most current edition of the APA manual. Each
assignment must be submitted via Blackboard and emailed copies will not be
accepted. Policies in regard to turning work in late also apply to these
assignments other than the final assignment which is due when the course ends.

research paper will consist of at least 12
full pages
. The research paper must be double spaced with size 12
Times New Roman font and 1 inch margins on all sides and meet all guidelines in
accordance with the most current APA style manual. You will need to submit a title page (1 page), body including an introduction
paragraph, literature review/discussion section, and conclusion
(at least 12 full pages), and reference
section (1 or more pages) all in APA style
. Please use complete sentences, appropriate grammar, spelling, and
references. You will also be required to use in-text references in your work in
accordance with APA style to avoid plagiarism. Information to help with your
writing is provided under the APA resources section of the course information

In terms of the areas
of the paper to be submitted, your final paper should include a title page in
APA style, body (including an introduction paragraph, literature
review/discussion section, and conclusion), and reference section. You do not
need to include in your paper methods, participants, research design, measures,
procedures, results, or tables sections. You will only be graded on the
criteria outlined under the evaluation methods section.

You are required to provide 5 scholarly sources to support your
claims that are not provided as part of this course. Please be sure to avoid
using internet sources such as Wikipedia or other web-based resources that do
not have strong academic backing. If you are unsure, please consult with the
library or writing center. You will also be required to use in-text references
in your work in accordance with APA style to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism
detection software will be used to scan each paper.

Refer to the writing rubric for a guideline as to how your paper
will be graded. Students are strongly encouraged to use the writing center (.edu”> for assistance with all assignments as APA style is
historically a challenge for most writers. The electronic email version
of your research paper, in Microsoft WORD format (no .docx papers accepted),
should be submitted via the blackboard website.

see the following outline of what is due during this course:


-Post your proposed topics for peer feedback and
provide feedback to others.

-Discussion Board participation


your research topic for approval

Board participation


Board participation


Literature Review ­(First submission which includes an introduction paragraph
and review of the literature) – At least 6 of the 12 pages should be submitted
for this review

Board participation


Section (First submission)

Section (First submission)

Board participation


Draft (to be reviewed and graded before final submission)

Board participation


Board participation

Topic Youtube Presentation


Submission of Research Paper (including title page and abstract section)

Board participation

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