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LinkedIn″>Assignment 2: Preparing your research Part A.3

Post your thoughts on these quotes from Miles and Huberman, Qualitative
data analysis,
1994 p. 40

“All research ultimately has
a qualitative grounding”
– Donald Campbell

“There’s no such thing as qualitative data.
Everything is either 1 or 0″
– Fred Kerlinger

(360 words)

In above apply the below criteria

Format and style

Should contain references to your
readings using the Harvard style of referencing.

Marking and feedback

You are expected to pay attention
to the word count for each posting as +/- more that 10% will be result in
mark deduction.

If your forum is not referenced,
marks will be deducted.

Marks will take into account the
following criteria:

Relevance to the content of the
question 50%

  • Logic and support for the
    argument 10%
  • Clarity of written expression
  • Planning, language and
    grammar 10%
  • Acknowledgement of research

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Title: post-your-thoughts-on-these-quotes-from-miles-and-huberman

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