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Reflection Paper Assignment
Please prepare a three page reflection paper based on teamwork and communications in the workplace.Personally reflect on how you as a supervisor/manager can apply the “takeaways” from each topic. The reflection should include research and references to at least two articles,self assessments, videos or other resources provided as lecture content or discussed during the course. The reflection should be written in the first person (use the pronoun I).
Late submissions will not be accepted and be scored as zero points. All assignments are due before the date listedon the course schedule.
The reflection should follow APA formatting. The basic APA requirements for this paper are:

Typeface: Times New Roman or Courier 12 pt.

Double spacing (even between paragraphs)

Margins: one inch on all sides; with left justified and right ragged

Page headers: abbreviation or short title of paper

Page numbers: top right, including cover page

Indentation of five to seven spaces (one tab) at the start of each paragraph

Capitalization: first word of sentence, first word after colon that begins a complete sentence

Cover page: running head, page number, title, course and author name.

Reference citations: throughout text

Reference list: covers all reference citations

Spelling of numbers: one – ten spelled, over 10 numerical. Never start a sentence with a number.

Abstract (Executive Summary): no more than 120 words.

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