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Requesting Carlos Holmes only as my expert.

Approach this final segment of the project as an analyst for your company (Ford Motor Co.) that is looking to merge with or purchase the company that you have been looking at throughout the course.

Using the analysis conducted over the past five weeks, combine all of the previous research into a final report that fully addresses the operations management of the company you chose.

Address the strengths and weaknesses of and threats and opportunities for the company.

Your analysis should conclude with a recommendation as to whether your company should merge with, acquire, or do business with the company you have researched.

Submit your final report in a Microsoft Word document, inserting the appropriate weekly reports as exhibits or figures. Note that your report must have an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. The length of the report should be adequate to cover the analysis and make a recommendation to your boss.

Using the APA format, cite the sources you use on a separate page.

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Title: requesting-carlos-holmes-only-as-my-expert

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