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Research Essay unit 7

The Research Essay will require you to research and choose
readings to incorporate into your essay. After reading and watching the content
on Research Essays, choose one of the following topics for your essay (listed
below). Be sure to choose a position on the topic. For example, if you choose
standardized testing, be sure to discuss how standardized testing works and if
it is effective in helping students learn. Think about the possible negatives
and positives for each topic to narrow the topics below. The essay will be four
to pages in length and employ APA format. (600 words)

Follow these guidelines to write your Research Essay:

 The Research Essay should be four to five pages in length
and include at least three scholarly sources. Choose one of the following

and choose one position on the topic:

o Advertising and its effects

o Women in/and education

o Gender roles and stereotypes

o Political correctness

o Standardized testing

o Dieting and its effects

 Include an APA title page

 Include APA in-text citations wherever you reference the

 Include a reference page in APA format.

 Be objective and avoid using “I,” “you,” and “we.”

Students: Be sure to read the criteria, by which your
paper/project will be evaluated, before you write, and again after you write.

The Research Essay Assignment is due on Sunday.


“Revising Your Writing Again”

“Writers on Revising”

“Reflections on the Craft of Clear Writing”

“Writing a Research Paper”


Here is a step-by-step video to show how to format your
essay in APA format.

Watch Video

APA Format Citations-Sixth (6th) Edition

Duration: (9:32)

User: peakdavid – Added: 10/30/09Overview of Unit 7: Research Essay

“‘Google’ is not a synonym for research.” Dan

Great job this past week! Now you can focus on your Research
Essay. You already worked on your introduction and thesis statement last week;
this week you will be adding to that. Be sure to take the comments into
consideration, and revise the essay. Always have someone else read over your
essay to help edit and revise as sometimes you won’t see your own mistakes. The
revision process does take some time, so be sure to read through your essay
more than once to catch any errors. Another option is contacting the Post
University Writing Coaches, who are available to help strengthen your essay by
giving you feedback. Here is the link to submit your essay to a Writing Coach:


Communicate effectively and clearly in written English

Demonstrate strong support for a thesis statement

Create and develop a Research Essay

Employ APA format

Research Essay Rubric


The student ties information together and demonstrates an
understanding of the relationship among material obtained from all sources. The
paper flows well from one issue to the next.

Thesis Statement :

The thesis statement is focused narrowly enough for the
scope of the research essay and provides direction for the paper.

Integration of Information:

The student fully understands and has applied concepts
learned in the course and provides concluding remarks that show analysis and
synthesis of ideas.

APA Format :

The research essay contains fewer than three errors in APA
style title page, objective tone, citation, and active voice.

Grammar, Mechanics :

There are fewer than three errors in mechanics, usage,
grammar, or spelling.

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