Risk Management

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As an educational leader, you are a member of the institution-wide risk management committee that is tasked with making recommendations and suggestions to the University Office of Risk Management and the University’s legal counsel.  As a higher education administrator, you have been asked to develop a 2 memorandum to the faculty and staff, outlining the importance of risk management for the institution as well as the individual.  In your memorandum, address the following:

  • Appraise faculty and staff of the importance of risk management, to the institution and the individual.
  • Explain risk management, the four sub-parts, and provide an example of each.
  • Critique one legal case that involves higher education administration as an example that supports the institutional necessity of risk management.
  • Recommend what steps faculty and staff can do for mitigating risk. 

The memorandum should be constructed following APA guidelines, including using the correct legal citations.

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Title: Risk Management

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