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Refer to the following scenario to complete this assignment.

The Current Situation:
You are Chris, the Vice President for Company ABC’s Operations area. You take great pride that your team runs so well. You have 9 full-time and 6-8 part-time employees who all get along pretty well, with only occasional minor “turf” disagreements about who owns what tasks. But those squabbles never are evident to internal or external customers, because your team takes pride in their professionalism.

Over time, your team has devised its own system for making sure that all of the company’s transactions are processed efficiently. Your team has worked with IT to create customized software and documents to keep things flowing. In fact, a few other departments have used some of the ideas your team has devised.

You are especially proud that your staff has taken such strong ownership of processes and procedures. You seldom need to dictate procedures. Once they uncover a problem, they work on their own to fix it. They know that you’ll need to approve any changes they make, but you rarely veto their decisions, because they are closely focused on what’s best for customers.

The Change:
Today you went to a meeting where you learned that the Company has acquired another organization. Your CEO (who is new to the role) is excited about this acquisition for many reasons, but one of the biggest is because of what he believes are some of the back office systems that this organization uses. He mentions that he is impressed with the software they have been using to process transactions and says everyone will be converting to this system. You were shocked and more than a little angry that he had not discussed this with you previously. He ended his presentation with the comment that for those departments who would be changing their computer systems, he understood that the transition might be difficult but that it was not negotiable. He expected each department manager to make the transition as smoothly as possible. He even went so far as to say that he was adding the transitional experience to the objectives that would be used to determine managers’ performance appraisals at year’s end.

In a three-page response, discuss what steps you would take as a leader to handle this transition successfully. Specifically, how would you use the eight steps outlined in “Why Transformation Efforts Fail”?

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