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Select a person, group, event or place and write about the
subject in a way that brings the subject to life for the reader. Develop your
thoughts and present them with specific and relevant examples, while applying
effective writing strategies and appeals.

5 pages, double-spaced w separate reference page

Topic is“a profile on a
company named Span Inc that provides support for new release prisoners

do need you to NOT write a kind of simple company report
like one might do for a business class, where you look at profits and marketing
plans and competition, etc.

Instead, I need you to humanize the topic–is there anyway
for you to observe or report on how they interact with new release prisoners,by
maybe taking an example (that sounds awful but what I mean is focus on one
person or several people who are going to be released) and what obstacles they
typically face, and how Span tries to assist them with these obstacles.

If you look at the post from Friday on the heroin
addict: Bebinger, M. (2015, Sept. 25) After seven overdoses, Joey searches
for a reason why he’s still here. WBUR CommonHealth. Retrieved from” title=”
Cmd+Click or tap to follow the link”>

This is kind of what I mean. Joey is the topic but he
is meant to humanize the larger group/condition of addiction and what ‘typical’
obstacles they face.

Due to confidentiality I could understand why profiling
people about to be released is problematic for you, but again I do want you to
think of some way to get at the WHO and the WHY of this topic rather than a
simple profile of the company.

Another thought, in profiling the company, and if you can’t
really profile the prisoners themselves due to confidentiality, maybe you can
profile one of the counselors who work with prisoners and that person (who
again presents the larger topic of what this company tries to do) could tell
you about the typical obstacles that s/he faces and that her
clients/prisoners face as they try to reintegrate prisoners into society.

For example, I’d think women prisoners face unique
challenges that perhaps male prisoners (without children) face? But I
don’t know. That’s what your profile of this GROUP of people (prisoners
being released) would show via the interview and observations of the company
(and perhaps an employee/counselor who helps prisoners) would show.

A Profile Essay informs readers, provides insight, and uses
vivid details about a subject. Unlike an essay based on experiences of
its writer told in the first person
, a profile offers the reader
better understanding of an outside subject. This assignment
presents subject matter for a specific audience and purpose and
will lead you to identify main ideas, supporting evidence, and conclusions. It
will also provide practice in form, organization, syntax, diction, style, and
tone, while reinforcing that writing is a process requiring substantive

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Title: select-a-person-group-event-or-place-and-write-about-the-subject

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