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Social Plan Responsibility Preparation Form Pg 261-262

Social Plan Responsibility Preparation Form Pg 261-262.jpg”>

Business Plan



ComputerEase is committed to making a positive contribution
to our community, to being a good corporate citizen in all our actions, and to
implementing environmentally responsible practices into every aspect of our

Recognizing our responsibilities, ComputerEase has adopted a
number of operational policies and developed a community involvement program.
This program and these policies reflect the reality that we are still a new,
small company and our primary efforts are directed toward building and growing
a healthy business.

Company Philosophy

Reflecting our desire to be a good corporate citizen,
ComputerEase has adopted the following “Company Philosophy”:

— We will, as a company and as individuals, take
responsibility for our actions;

— We will, as a company and as individuals, deal fairly and
honestly with our customers, students, suppliers, the public, and each other;

— When making decisions, we will, as a company and as
individuals, consider the impact of our decisions on others and on the

Shows how the company behaves as a good “corporate citizen.”

— We will consistently try to give the highest level of
performance to each customer and each student;

— We recognize that without profits our company cannot
survive, so we will make our best efforts to increase the profitability of our
company within an ethical and honest framework;

— We will give back to our community and society and make a
positive commitment to its health and well-being;

— We will respect our coworkers and recognize their needs as
employees and as human beings; and

— We will listen to each other.

Community Involvement

In developing our community involvement program, the staff
of ComputerEase first looked to identify those ways in which we could use our
corporate strengths (given our limited time and financial resources) to make a
meaningful contribution to our community. We recognized that our unique
strength is our ability to teach computer programs in an understandable manner,
along with our Computer Training Center facility located in the heart of
downtown Vespucci.

Specifies community activities.

ComputerEase has entered into a partnership with the
Downtown Vespucci Community Center to provide free computer training programs
for inner-city youth, low-income residents, and “welfare-to-work” program
participants. These training programs are held once a month at ComputerEase’s
downtown Computer Training Center on days or times when the Center would
otherwise not be in use (Sundays/some evenings, etc.). ComputerEase management
and instructors have volunteered their time to conduct these sessions, and the
company, in turn, is contributing meals, transportation expenses for volunteer
instructors, and an imprinted T-shirt for all program participants.
ComputerEase will also donate all its older computers to the Community Center.
ComputerEase will use up to 5% of its capacity on a pro bono basis to support
these programs.

In addition to the project with the Downtown Vespucci
Community Center, ComputerEase staff determined they would like to do a one-day
community project each year to make a contribution together. The staff chose to
participate in the annual Vespucci Friends of the Trees Arbor Day Planting
& Picnic. As a team, we will work with other members of the corporate and
civic community to plant trees in public parks, on boulevards, and in other


In assessing the impact of ComputerEase’s operations on the
environment, we realized that our biggest opportunity for improving
sustainability comes from curbing our energy consumption. For this reason, we
will invest in the installation of solar panels on the roof of our new Training
Center, which will generate 50% of our electricity. We will receive a
government rebate for these panels and in 10 years, they will have paid for
themselves. In addition, we will lease the most energy-efficient computers and
other electronics to reduce the number of solar panels necessary to power our
new building.

Describes current and future activities to improve

Employees and students commuting to and from our Training Centers
also consume a great deal of energy. ComputerEase provides subsidies to
employees who use public transportation. We also allow employees, depending on
their roles in the company, to telecommute and work from home. As we move to
more online training sessions, the number of commuter miles logged by both
students and instructors will drop sharply.

In addition to reducing commutes, online training sessions
also lend themselves well to our goal of becoming paperless. We develop all of
our training materials, such as course manuals, for online publication only.
This not only reduces our paper use and waste but saves a substantial amount of
money. We also use online applications for billing, payroll, and our
newsletters. When we do purchase office supplies, we choose only products made
of post-consumer recycled materials, when available.

Beyond energy consumption and waste reduction, we recognized
other areas of our operations that could be made more “green.” We worked with
the city of Vespucci to establish an environmentally conscious e-waste program
for electronic equipment. We send our old electronics to this recycling center
if they are unsuitable for the Community Center.

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