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Explain the main line of argument in Adam Moore’s discussion of employee monitoring. Moore has a thesis here. It is a recommendation for how companies can monitor employees while at the same time respecting their privacy. Your task here is to identify that thesis and to explain the premises he employs in support of his thesis. This exercise will probably take 2 pages double spaced, though I’m less concerned about length than clarity. Clear writing often involves fewer words.

The expository writing I’m asking you to do here is the sort of writing you will do in a research paper or, likely, a company report or memo. Clarity is the primary virtue of this kind of writing. So, try to get clear on the thesis Moore is arguing for and then clearly explain the structure and content of his argument. In your research paper you will be constructing an argument for a thesis of your choosing. Along the way you will want to clearly formulate and evaluate the arguments of others on the issue you are interested in. Here we are just concerned with the later project. You needn’t offer any evaluation or original argumentation here. I’ll mainly be interested in see how clearly you can explain Moore’s argument.

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Title: Social Science homework help>Philosophy homework help

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