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Statement of Purpose: Submit a statement of purpose of approximately 500 words in English. Please address your academic and professional background, your professional goals, specific areas of interest, and other matters which you think are of importance. We recommend that you summarize your professional background in a résumé or curriculum vitae submitted separately.
Here are all my Information But If can ADD more Things related to my Field will be great to make everything reliable statement and 500 words.

My Academic Background:The University legal assistance to low-income individuals, making petitions, filing of cases, conducting conciliation hearings and other legal acts. Also I worked together with the University Law Department giving assistance for people that cannot afford to pay for a lawyer in court procedures.

Education: University of Santa Cruz, Parana, Brazil, 2014

· Graduated in Science Degree (A.S) in Law.

University of Tuiuti, Parana, Brazil, 2012

· Two years coursed in Psychology

My Professional Background:Internship at regional Labor Court as Assistant judge, making judgments and other procedural documents, research jurisprudence, serving attorneys, Assistant in conducting hearings, preparation of reports, procedural, the court system’s power, making the audiences among other activities. I also worked in a law firm where performed all the work along to the forums.

My Professional Goals: I pretend to work for a credible and successful Law Offices or corporation related to my professional field and help enhance the assistance in law enforcement for anyone that needs my work done and get as much experiences that I can in the next years to come to increase my professional performance.

My Specific Areas of Interest: After college at the University of Miami, I intend to advocate in the area of international law and try to get more experiences into my career working for reliable and credible Law Offices or any law departments that direct me to a successful career and focus in professional areas related to my academic background.

Other Matters which is Important: Following desire within my profession a promising career where I can do something for the benefit of needy people with law services that cannot afford in the prosecution assistence, my strengths are dedication, willingness to learn, an interest in other areas of law.

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Title: submit-a-statement-of-purpose-of-approximately-500-words-in-english

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