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TASK Primary European Union (EU) law, to which the United Kingdom is subject, is contained within the treaties. In groups of 4 and using PowerPoint, examine the content of Articles 267 and 288 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) and explain to your audience the significance of both. Marks: 100 – Weighted to 30% for the module. GUIDANCE A copy of TFEU has been placed in the Business Law section of GSM Learn. Each person in the group MUST present for five minutes. A copy of the slides must be given to the assessor prior to the presentation. A copy of the presentation assessment criteria is on page 4 of this document. Although this is a group presentation, each student will receive an individual mark. Presentations will be assessed in accordance with the assessment criteria on page 4. Page 3 of 6 Part B: 2,500 word Written Report – 100 marks weighted to 70% of marks for the module. (i) An acquaintance of yours wishes to set up a business with his friend and intends to run the business as a general partnership. Present him with a series of arguments which will persuade him that running the business through a limited liability company would be a much better option. Total: 50% of the marks for the report (ii) Employers have a duty to ensure that their employment practices comply with the law. The consequences of not complying with the law can lead to employees making expensive claims against the organisation. The Equality Act 2010 (EA 2010) brought previous equality legislation under EA 2010 and strengthened some of it. Advise your client, who employs 100 people, what steps he needs to take to comply with this law and avoid the expensive claims referred to above. Where appropriate, refer to other legislation. Total: 50% of the marks for the report Marks: 100 – Weighted to 70% for the module Parts (i) and (ii) have the same weighting, therefore the word count for each part should reflect this. Allow approximately 1,250 words for each part. Please remember that you must provide properly referenced evidence for all of the claims/assertions you make. Together, the Presentation and the Written Report assess all the module leaning outcomes and represents 100% of the marks for this module.
2,500 words Task 2

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Title: task-primary-european-union-eu-law-to-which-the-united-kingdom-is-subject

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