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Unit IArticle ReviewThe Article Review assignment for this class is to critically review an article having to do with any issue in the businessworld as it relates to project management. You can pick any article you wish, as long as it meets the criteria listed below.The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to choose a topic in which you are interested and do some additional, in-depth research on the topic.Here are some suggested topics:?Project life cycle?The cost-schedule-quality equilibrium?Projectstakeholders?A project charterContent:The object of your critique is to describe and analyze the issues in the article. The following outline should befollowed.The article should be summarized in three to four paragraphs. Start the paper by clearlyidentifying the article title andauthor. You will need to answer, but are not limit to, the following questions:?What issue/topic is the article addressing??Who is potentially affected by the issue/topic??In your opinion, was the article well written? Why, or why not?Format:The Article Review should be no more than three pages in length. The research article should not be more than fiveyears old and should be two or more pages long. Please follow APA format

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Title: the-article-review-assignment-for-this-class-is-to-critically

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