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Problem Statement

The core objectives of
McDonalds restaurant are to optimize profit making, offer their employees fair
pay, and to ensure that employees achieve job satisfaction. However, the
restaurant faces a myriad of obstacles that make it significantly difficult to
achieve the core objectives. Some of the challenges faced by the restaurant
include a poor rewards scheme, a very low wage rate, and poor employee to
employee relationships (Nawaz, 2011). These obstacles result in poor employee
motivation. The organization’s inability to realize its core objectives can be
directly attributed to poor employee motivation.

H1: Poor employee motivation is responsible for the organization’s failure to
achieve its objectives
H2: A poor wage rate is responsible for poor employee motivation
H3: A poor organizational rewards system is responsible for poor employee

Questions for data collection
Hypothesis one questions

What are some of the actions in force taken by the management to help motivate
Is the management of the organization doing enough to motivate employees?
Are there instances in which employees were well motivated?
If yes, which are they? (year, month, etc)
What was the performance of the organization in terms of profit in those
specific periods?
How well did the organization achieve its objectives in that period?
How does the performance compare to those of other periods?
Would you work harder if better motivated?
Hypothesis two questions
What is the hourly wage rate of the organization?
What other benefits are offered to employees?
Do you think this pay rate measures well to the work done?
What are the industry pay rates?
Would you be more motivated if better paid?
Hypothesis three questions
Is there any reward system in place?
If yes, what is the reward criteria for different employee achievements?
Are you satisfied with the current reward system?
Are there arrangements for a better reward system?
If yes, do you believe the new reward system will be effective?
If no, why?
What can be done to develop an effective rewards system?
If a better rewards system, would you be motivated to work better?

of data for each question
Hypothesis one data sources

The organization’s management
Organization’s records
Hypothesis two data sources
The organization’s management
Industry information
Organization records
Hypothesis three data sources
The management of the organization
Nawaz, S., M. (2011). Employee motivation: A study on some selected
McDonalds in the UK. African Journal of Business Management, 5(14),

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