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Due October 11, 2013 at 5 pm
Subject: Patient safety in EMS
The EMS 3301 Research Paper provides you with an opportunity to choose an Emergency Medical Services Management issue of special interest and to study that issue at a deeper level for further understanding and application.
This five- to seven-page, double-spaced paper will critically analyze the issues related to your selected topic, with your textbook, web resources, and professional journal articles (which may also be found online) being utilized for research. Please be sure to cite all references using APA.
Listed below are some topics for you to choose from for your paper. If you would prefer to choose a topic that is not listed here, please email your professor for permission.
 Medical director involvement and leadership
 Paramedic and EMT staffing shortages (ways to address)
 Continuing education for paramedics and EMTs while in service
 Ambulance fleet management
 EMS-Hospital Relations (ways to achieve or improve relationships)
 Patient safety in EMS
 Occupational safety and health in EMS
 Recruitment and retention of EMS personnel
 Run sheet documentation in EMS (ways to achieve consistency and quality of documentation)
 EMS board (recruiting quality board members and getting them actively involved with the service)
 EMS patient care technology (how to stay abreast of the latest technology)
 EMS community relations (how to achieve an active partner role with other community organizations)
 EMS patient satisfaction (how to measure and improve patient satisfaction with EMS services)
 Performance improvement in EMS (what areas should be studied and how to measure improvement)
 Information systems in EMS (technology for business operations and/or technology for electronic health records in EMS)
 EMS scope of service (how to determine the appropriate service for EMS personnel and expand if appropriate)

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Title: the-ems-3301-research-paper-provides-you-with-an-opportunity-to-choose-an-emergency

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