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is the most desired and the most essential natural resource for living beings.
In fact, human beings are naturally made with 70% of body structure formed
through water therefore; the need of the water consumption across globe has
remained subjected to controversy and analysis. Scholars believe that more than
one billion population of the word especially in developing nations is lacking
the supply of fresh water which is resulting in the growth of economical crisis
and sanitation related problems. To make the situation worse, the water
resources in developing nations are barely enough to provide support in
electricity production. Thus, the overall situation about electricity and water
resources in developing nations needs grave and real time reforms. The issues
of water resources in developing nations can be resolved with the help of
recycling of wastage along with proper channel making about the consumption of

Problem of Water Resources’ Availability: A Cursory View

first, it is important to point out that availability of natural water
resources is decreasing rapidly in developing nations. According to a report
published in 2006 by UNISEF, there are about one billion people across globe
who lack proper sanitation and fresh water supply because of non availability
of proper management of natural and fresh water resources, “Worldwide, over one
billion people lack access to an adequate water supply; more than twice as many
lack basic sanitation (”>WHO/UNICEF, 2006).”
(George, 2008) one would view that the problem has grown in the recent decades
of 21st century because of the rapid growth of industrialization in
developing nations. As a result of massive consumption of available natural
resources, the fresh water supply to all individuals has become a utopia.
Consequently, in the premises of developing nations, people suffer from water
related issues and they have to transform their living habits in order to

people in developing nations have to search for water resources which is time
consuming and economically expensive. In other words, in the Asian nations like
India and Pakistan, people have to look for waters because the over consumption
of available water resources has resulted in the draught like areas in their
living premises. The process of searching and finding the fresh water is a
costly matter to those who live in rural surroundings. Sometimes, the females
in the families have to go miles in order to find water sources because they
live in a dry area where water level is almost zero.

the over availability of water resources for industries has made the situation
worse. These industries consume a great deal of available water resources and
thus, the common people remain unacquainted with what they deserve. This issue
ultimately affects the water based energy production according to a report
published in WWDR in 2014, “The report notes that roughly 75% of all industrial
water withdrawals are used for energy production. Tariffs also illustrate this
interdependence: if water is subsidized to sell below cost” (United Nations
University, 2014) It is thus proved that industries in developing nations are using
a lot of available water resources which is actually making the problem worse
for common as well as energy management.

the same context, the electricity related issues are growing in developing
nations due to less availability of water as natural resource. Moreover, the
electricity production is affected by the internal problems of people who use
electricity illegally and thus, they become accountable for the line loss and
tripping of electric system. In other words, the energy production is less than
the energy consumption in developing nations and in spite of making efforts,
the governments are failing to meet the requirements of industries and domestic

if energy production is associated with this issue, it is quite noticeable
factor that the water availability for energy production is reducing in
developing nations. They still rely mainly on either coal or water based energy
production houses. The coal is available easily through mines but water
resources are limited and they ought to remain restricted for usage. The
problem is growing because of the dependency level of these nations over the
availability of fresh water sources in nature. Unlike developed nations who
have now adopted the nuclear technique to produce energy, developing nations
are struggling to maintain the balance between the boomed industrialization and
the common water supply along with keeping in mind that their industries would
run well only if they keep the energy production up to the mark.

Licensed Water Distribution and Nuclear Energy Management: A State of

the list of some problems discussed above, it is essential to achieve the state
of resolution as soon as possible because if the water resources remain at
jeopardy, the developing nations might lose their chances to survive in the
race of global progress. The first solution which might change the course of action
in giving access to the available water resources is the license provision. In
other words, the government should decide when and how the supplies of water
would take place in a balanced way to the industries so that fresh water can be
saved from over consumption and at the same time, it is available for the
energy production as well. An alternative of this energy production would be
relying more on developing nuclear energy production houses.

the nuclear energy production houses are the best alternatives because they do
not consume great amount of water in order to produce electricity. They have
the choices of radioactive products like Uranium etc. in order to produce
electricity at the expected level. The maintaining of demand and supply can be
balanced by producing more and more energy through nuclear based electricity


the electricity and water resources are in the centre of problems in developing
nations, however, by taking the steps of licensed method and nuclear energy
production houses’ concept, the governments in the developing nations can
resolve their issues to a large extent.



ENGL 111
FALL, 2015

Writing Paper #2 (Guided +

Write an 850 – 1000 word Problem – Solution(s)
paperclearly explaining technology-related supporting ideas from outside
sources addressone of the following issues:

Electricity + Water issues in developing countries


3) Space debris

4) Traditional (teacher-fronted) education

5) Manned mission to Mars

* Starter sources provided in Moodle
[Paper #2 Starter Texts] (Optional)


The focus ofPaper #2 is to show that you can properly research and
synthesize related information of one of the selected topics provided and
properly integrate the various researched source information as supporting
ideas (body paragraphs) into one paper, including the use of source
information as quotes.

paper must integrate supporting informationfrom at least 3 separate
to support your thesis, and one of the
sources must be from those provided
. Other supporting sources
can come from credible online sources, books or periodicals available in the
library (or other local libraries).

-No more than
6 sources can be included.

– A minimum of
3 of the sources must be text-based (non-video/infographic)

Wikipedia or Forum-based Blog entries (Yahoo Answers,, etc.) can be
used as supporting sources

* In
order to be eligible for a ‘B’ paper or higher, a minimum of 4 sources must be

** In order to be eligible for an ‘A’ paper or
higher, at least one of the sources must be

from a company,
organization or university laboratory website.

two (2) short pieces of information [within 40 words] from the sources as

* The
information CANNOT be quoted in the original source.

– No more than 2
quotes allowed – Paraphrase all other.

3)Have adequate paraphrasing of source information (Checked through ‘Turnitin’).

– The overall Similarity
Report result must clearly not have any large chunks of similarity from any
individual source.

Paper Format

Use Times New Roman font, 12-point font, 1.5 line spacing, left side
aligned only. Your name and student number must appear on the upper right hand
corner of the first page of your paper. No cover page until Final Draft please.
Do not forget to give your paper an appropriate title.

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