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The following are the instructions for Article Review:

3-4 double-spaced pages, 4 maximum

You must
properly cite the article at the beginning of your review (author, date, article
title, journal publication, pages, etc.).
If you obtained a copy via Internet resources, provide explicit
instructions on how to obtain the article via the Internet. The article chosen”>

The key requirement is that the article MUST address a
Cash Mgt. issue/concept
, such as those discussed in the course or

IMPORTANT NOTE: Review must have 5 clearly identified sections, as

#1) Section 1 heading = “Original Work
Verify the review is original work prepared solely for this class by
including the following statement: “I, (insert your name), verify that this
article review is solely my own work and creation and it has been prepared
solely for credit in this class.”

#2) Section 2 heading = “Article Citation”:
a full & complete citation of the article being reviewed (author, date, article title,
publication title, pages, etc.) and how/where article was accessed
; Use
APA or similar style.

#3) Section 3 heading = “Main Issue of
Article” — clearly & succinctly summarize what the MAIN ISSUE of the
article is
, and the key points regarding that issue. Communicate a clear, simple, straight-forward
message that your peers can follow and understand, and learn from. DO NOT “DATA DUMP.”

#4) Section 4 heading = “Relationship to
Course” — clearly state how the article relates to this course
: briefly
discuss what sections, chapters, and/or concepts of this course are related to
this article.

#5) Section 5 heading = “Personal
Reflection and Comments” — your reaction or observations
the content. Indicate what you think of
the content, its significance and implications, etc.

MUST be original work you complete solely for this class. Work previously
submitted for another class may not be submitted for credit in this class.

The reviews will be evaluated on adherence to
the assignment
have above required sections clearly labeled in the review)
, the clarity, efficiency, and effectiveness
of communication of the main issues, its relevance to this course, the
appropriate use of financial terms, the level of thought communicated
(particularly with respect to your
grammatical accuracy (spelling, sentence structure), etc.

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