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2. You are baking Halloween cookies with a young child, 6-8
years old, you plan to make pumpkin shaped cookies. You have the child adding
the food coloring to the dough as it mixes. To make the orange color she/he
needs to add both red and yellow dye. She/he has added plenty of red and picks
up the next bottle of dye and starts adding it but it was green instead of
yellow. The cookie dough is now brown instead of orange. The child starts to
cry and insists you take the green dye back out. I understand that this is not
the time for a chemistry lesson but maybe later in the day you could explain
the principle of why it was impossible to reverse the mixing process.

Write a short essay in simple, natural language (no
scientific jargon) that explains why this is an irreversible process. You may
use an analogy that you developed as well. If you do use an analogy make sure
it is clear how the analogy explains the principle (3-5 paragraphs no more than
700 words use at least one reference appa style)

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Title: the-food-coloring-to-the-dough-as-it-mixes

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