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MAJOR ESSAY (2,000 WORDS) (35%)

major essay provides students with the opportunity to explore a topic in depth.
Students should develop a considered answer to a specific question based on
reading a range of sources. You mustread and refer to a minimum of 10 sources,at least 6 of which should be high quality academic
sources. This means peer reviewed journal articles.
Web based material
(excluding journals, newspapers, government websites) should be kept to a

strong essay is one which draws on a range of high-quality evidence to support
a well organised argument in response to the set question. Remember, there is
not necessarily a ‘right’ answer to the questions. Rather, there are arguments
that have different levels of merit. Consider whether the arguments you make
are logical and provide convincing evidence.

must be submitted through safeassign. Follow the link below for information
about submitting through safeassign.”>

are strongly urged to use the draft facility to check for that all quotations
are properly identified or that you are using your own words (with appropriate

Theessay is due by5.00 pm Tuesday 7 October(worth

Marks will be deducted for assignments that exceed the word limit by
more than 10%, at the rate of 10% of available marks for every 100 words or
part thereof over the limit.

Major Essay Questions (choose 1

1. “[D]emocratic
citizens habitually suspect political rhetoric as being either deceitfully
empty or dangerously subversive” (Kane & Patapan). Discuss.

2. Focussing on at least 2 cases, discuss
the role of state broadcasters in the politics of a nation/s. Your analysis may
consider some of the following issues: media concentration, media freedom,
propaganda, authoritarianism, the political reporting of events such as war.

3. While the role social media played in
the promotion of democracy during the Arab Spring has been widely praised,
details are slowly emerging of the way states are using information from social
media sites to track and monitor their citizens. Discuss the ways in which
social media supports and hinders freedom across the globe.

4. Over the past sixty years, the nature
of media has changed dramatically.
Evaluate the impact of this change on election campaigns.

5. “The sideshow syndrome is eroding
public faith in democratic politics. As political coverage gets sillier,
politicians are forced to get sillier to get coverage. The antics, hyperbole,
and spin that have eventuated now alienate many voters” (Lindsay Tanner).

Alternative questions will be considered if you have something specific
you would like to focus on and it is approved by the course convenor.


Written assignments must conform to the standards specified

* Completed assignment cover sheet”>

* A
title page with your name, student
number, title of essay/submission and word length must be included.

* The
font size must be read comfortably (11 or 12 point).

* Line
spacing is either double or 1½.

* Both
margins (left and right) are at least 3 cm.

* Pages
are numbered.

* References
cited in the text conform to the Harvard reference style. If a
reference is taken from a particular page, or pages, within the article or
book, then the page number(s) must be included.
The format should include the author, date of publication, and page

* When
words are taken directly from other sources (books, articles and web sites) and
reproduced in an essay/submission quotation marks must be used.

* A
reference list is attached and the
entries are in alphabetical order by author.

* The
assignment has been proof read.


may be asked to submit their notes and drafts of written work before a final
mark for the item can be awarded.

are expected to retain copies of all assessment items submitted until a final

grade for the course has been awarded. Creating a backup of all files is


Essays and other assessable materials must be
submitted by the due date and time.
Extensions may be granted in exceptional circumstances. Applications for
an extension need to be made to the course convenor before the due date/time. Standard penalties may be imposed for


You should use the Harvard referencing system to
acknowledge sources referred to in your essays. The Harvard system is similar
to the APA system except that you are required to provide page numbers both for
direct quotes and when you paraphrase the ideas of other authors. Please
consult the GBS Resources Bank, available through Learning@Griffith or the
referencing tool on the library website for assistance with referencing or
discuss with a member of the teaching team.

You should note that where an essay is incorrectly or insufficiently referencedaccording
to standard styles, it will be penalised or returned without marking.


All work submitted for this course must
be original work for this course alone.When
plagiarism is detected, university policy provides for a range of penalties
which can be imposed. Plagiarism

* Word for word copying from another source
without an appropriate reference

* Closely paraphrasing material from other
sources without acknowledging the origin

of the material

* Using another person’s ideas without

* Submitting work which has been produced
by someone else

University Plagiarism / Academic Misconduct Policy states that:

Students must conduct their
studies at the University honestly, ethically and in accordance with accepted
standards of academic conduct. Any form of academic conduct which is contrary
to these standards is academic misconduct for which the University may penalise
a student. Failing to acknowledge sources when preparing written assignments,
or plagiarism, constitutes academic misconduct.

In the School of Government and International
Relations failure to acknowledge sources in accordance with the Harvard referencing
system constitutes plagiarism.
or parts of work submitted in other courses will not be accepted for assessment
in this course.

Penalties for academic misconduct:

On determination that academic misconduct has taken place, the
penalty which may be imposed on the student is one or more of the following:

a. a reduced or nil result for the assessment item affected by the
academic misconduct;

b. a fail grade for the course in which academic misconduct

c. exclusion from enrolment in the program for a specified period;

d. exclusion from the program; readmission to the program is at the
discretion of the Faculty based on consideration of the student’s case for

Where a student has been found guilty of academic misconduct on
more than one occasion and has previously been penalised as set out in above a.
– c., the penalty shall normally be exclusion from the program as set out in
d., unless in the opinion of the relevant Assessment Board there are mitigating

Academic Committee Resolution 2/2001

University Expectations

Students enrolling in an on-campus course are
expected to have the capacity and commitment to attend all lectures and
tutorials. They should be prepared to commit approximately 10 hours per week
for each course. These 10 hours include lecture and tutorial attendance,
undertaking weekly readings, reading newspapers, miscellaneous study activities
and assignment preparation and completion.

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