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Choose a multinational corporation that you
have some basic familiarity with.

“Identify and critically discuss the key
issues involving the strategic choices that you believe confront the

The following are some notes to assist with
interpreting the requirements of this assignment:

● You can use essay format to respond to this

● Many of the multinational corporations have a
deal of information and news items aboutthem on the
Web so you should be able construct sufficient context for your case. Your
choice of case should allow you to discuss strategy at both the corporate and
business levels. The difference between
hese two should be apparent from your readings.

● You can put the
background to the company into the appendix, which is not counted in the word
count. You may need to do this to provide some context on the company for the

● Critical discussion relates to your analysis and
critique of the issues you identify from your knowledge
and research about the corporation.. The issues are concerned with strategic
choices and you should have read module 2 thoroughly and be able to demonstrate
the essence of strategic hoices. If you don’t understand what module 2 is
about, then look at figure II.i (p. 194 of your text) very carefully.

● Use the discussion forum on the Study Desk for
this course assignment to raise questionsand make
comment about these requirements.

● Make sure you study the marking criteria for
this assignment very carefully because this is the
template for assessing and grading your submitted assignment. The marking
criteria sheet is provided below.

● You are required to have a minimum of 10
references to support your critical discussion and total of 1500 words.

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Title: the-multinational-corporations-have-a-deal-of

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