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The question is related to the Performance Management. I need it on Tuesday at8 Pm 23/6/2015 at UAE time. The Ans should be of 950 words. I have attached the study Article study from which the question is asked and some other materials too. As per Teacher Note: Academic references should be at least 15 or above Reference of this Assignment. As per teacher References should contain more of journal articles instead of news or industry report or web sources. Please choose 2 real company example too to give the answer. Note:Plagiarism level allowed 5% only Pls take of it very strictly. This project is on Google.

Following are the questions

I am in need of project proposal of Google company.

The purpose of the Final Project is to apply the concepts and techniques of the module to the development of a detailed proposal for a performance management system.

the projectproposal including

1) the nature of the project,

2)the sources of information you plan to use,

3) and the most important concepts and techniques to be applied.

My requirements:

1- Please add atleast give 3 paragraph reference from the following book, this is very important .

book (Aguinis, H. (2013) Performance management. 3rd ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall. )

2- Please choose 2 real companies examples in discussion to explain the answer too. ( very Important )
3- Please use more than10 reference, it should contain more of journal articles instead of news or industry report or web sources.
5- Please use Harvard style correctly. (Very Important)
6-Referencing (in text citation) should be evident in the discussions.
Plagiarism level allowed 10% only otherwise it will not acceptable.
7- This assignment for master degree please do your best effort to get A or B grade.

Please Make assignment in the following format :-
1- Introduction.(defined the main terms).
2- Body. (Discussion).
3- Conclusion.(summarize the main points).

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Title: the-question-is-related-to-the-performance-management

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