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Enterprise Cybersecurity

Please answer questions and provide reference
for each.

Topic 1
— Computer Forensics

A. Explain the
role of signature analysis in computer forensics and discuss one of its
corresponding issues.

B. Choose one tool
and one technique and discuss how they have proven vital to accurate signature

C. Discuss one
technique that an intruder might undertake to thwart attempts to track his or
her activities on the corporate intranet?

Topic 2
— Digital Evidence

A. Discuss one of
the general set of procedures that an enterprise should follow to preserve
digital evidence when faced with a suspected insider breach if information

B. Discuss the
issues this procedure may legally face?

Topic 3
— Non-repudiation

A. Identify and discuss two mechanisms or capabilities in
information systems which provide the non-repudiation security dimension?

B. For each mechanism discuss the security measures for
protecting and preserving the non-repudiation data?

Topic 4
— SOX and GLBA

A. Choose one aspect of either act
and describe the requirement.

B. Discuss the benefit to an
enterprise, individual or the courts derived from the requirement?

C. Discuss the objections to the
requirement that an enterprise, individual or the courts might cite?

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Title: the-role-of-signature-analysis-in-computer-forensics-and-discuss-one-of

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