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Obstacles facing the Saudi Food and
Drug Authority in appropriately applying e-administration


Supervisor’s Name:


Date:8th Dec, 2013


This research has been conducted to understand the
issues faced by SFDA while applying e-administration in Saudi food and drug
authority. For the purpose of this research, a sample of 70 managers at various
administrative levels within food and drug authority in Saudi Arabia has been
considered. This sample would be surveyed using a primary research which
includes a questionnaire. Analytical and empirical studies would conclude the
results of this research.

Keywords: e-administration in SFDA, food and drug
authority in Saudi

Project Description

Current State of Problems

This research will attempt to identify the various
issues SFDA faces while applying the e-administration in Saudi Arabia.


Through this
research, the following objectives are to be achieved

To identify the technical obstacles that hinder
the application of e-administration in SFDA

To identify the human obstacles that hinder the
application of e-administration in SFDA

To identify the organizational obstacles that
hinder the application of e-administration in SFDA

To identify the main mechanism by which to
overcome obstacles facing the
application of e-administration in SFDA


Literature Review

The literature
reviewed as part of this research includes an understanding of the theoretical
framework as well as the concept of e-administration in the public departments

Alkhaluf’s Study
2010 “The fact of applying e-administration in public secondary schools in the
west bank from the perspective of directors” would be reviewed as part of
literature review. This study was mainly conducted to understand the effects of
applying e-governance in public secondary schools on directors. This study was
conducted using six variables namely sex, administrative experience,
qualifications, specialization, geographic location and, training courses. The
following results have been obtained from this research:

Reality is that there is low application of
e-administration in the public secondary schools in this region from director’s

There exists a statistical difference between
e-administration application and the six variables especially males, master and
higher degree holders and, favourable geographical areas

There is no statistically significant difference
between e-administration application and variables like administrative
experience, specialization and location

Arishi’s research
2008 “The possibility of applying e-administration in the public administration
of education in the Holy capital of Benin”

Objectives of this
study were as follows:

The degree of importance given to implementing
e-administration in public administration

The important factors that affect the
application of e-administration in public administrative departments

The main obstacles hindering the process of
application of e-administration

The existence of a statistically significant
difference between members of sample and application of e-administration with
basis to variables like computer courses, experience

Al-Azzam’s Study
2001 “E-government in Jordan: the possibility of application”. The main
objective of this study is to understand the impact of applying e-government in
Jordan w.r.t. technology, manpower and other legislations. As part of the
study, it was concluded that the e-government one of the emerging trends on a
global platform and, also that it is in demand for the efficiency and effectiveness
it gives.

Sources for Study

For the purpose of
this study, a mix of primary and secondary sources would be surveyed to come to
the results. Authentic researches conducted in this field would be studied for
achieving perfect results in secondary research. For primary research, analysis
of the data collected using questionnaire would be considered.


research strategy would involve understanding the whole e-government and, e-adminstration
system using secondary sources. A detailed literature study would be done to
understand how it has been implemented in other departments of government. This
is followed by a primary research where a certain sample within the population
would be surveyed. Together this will be utilized to interpret the results.


A questionnaire method has been
adapted to survey for this research. The research will be conducted using
analytical and empirical methods of research. The research method has been
chosen in conjunction with the nature of the study.

analysis methods will be used to analyse the data collected using the
questionnaire. Using SPSS, the data will be statistically analysed. The various
tests that would be applied for analysis are: Repetitions, percentages, pearson’s
coefficient, mathematical average standard, deviation, Annova, F-Test.

Population &
Sample for Research

For the purpose of
this survey, the population considered are the employees of SFDA (Saudi Food
& Distribution Authority). This SFDA consists of a total of 1450 employees.
The sample from this population would be around 70 managers who would be chosen
from across the various levels within the department. Total of 70
questionnaires would be distributed among this sample chosen.

Data Collection

For data
collection, the questionnaire constructed will consist of thirteen questions
that are based on Likert scale 1-5 would be given to the sample considered

Project Structure

The project
structure for this research would be as follows

Data Collection

The questionnaire
would be distributed among the sample. The 70 questionnaires would then be
collected and, the data would be entered into an excel sheet. The data would
then be converted to numerical forms

Data Analysis

Using SPSS, this
data would then be analysed. The numerical forms would be useful in analysing
the data statistically. The various tests that have been mentioned as part of
the methodology would be used to analyse the data.

Expected Results

Following results are expected from
this research:

There exists a statistical significance between
e-administration application and technical factors hindering the application at

There exists a statistical significance between
e-administration application and human factors hindering the application at

There exists a statistical significance between
e-administration application and organizational factors hindering the
application at SFDA


Arishi, Mohammed Saeed Mohammed, 2008, The
Applicability of the e-Governance in Public Administration Education in the
Holy capital of (Benin), Master Thesis, University of Umm Al-Qura in Mecca, the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Badran, Abbas, 2004, E-government strategy to the application,
Beirut Arab Institution for Studies & Publication

Al-Azzam, Ahmed Hassan Mohammed, 2001, E-government in Jordan: the
possibilities of the application, unpublished Master Thesis, Jordan, Yarmouk

Khallouf, Iman Hassan Mustafa, 2010, The Reality of the
application of the e-governance in the public secondary schools in the West
Bank from the perspective of directors and directors, Master Thesis, An Najah
National University in Nablus. Palestine.

Bakri, Sonya & Muhammad, Sultan, 2001, Management Information
Systems, Alexandria University House.

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Literature on E-Government: Characterizing a Nascent Field, IGI Global, p.1-16

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Model for the Malaysian Government e-Procurement System: The Buyer Prospective,
Electronic Government Research, v.9, no.1, p.1-18

Nasim, Qaisar & Hafiz, Ghufran Ali Khan, 2010, E-government
Challenges in Public Sector: A Case Study of Pakistan, IJSCI International
Journal of Computer Sciences v. 3, no.27, p. 310-317

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