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This assignment requires you to do the following:

· Define the Selection, Optimization, and Compensation (SOC) Model of Aging and briefly describe how it relates to the concept of positive aging.

· Describe how you would apply or implement each component of the SOC model to address present and/or potential future challenges as part of a personal aging plan, addressing both biological/physical and social/psychological aspects of aging.

o Developing a personal aging plan involves a written reflection of how you will adapt or adjust to both biological/physical and social/psychological challenges as they emerge during the aging journey. Such challenges may exist in the present and/or may be anticipated to exist in the future (e.g., heart disease in your 40s, social isolation in your 70s, recurrent depression across your lifespan).

o Your aging plan is likely to be most meaningful and useful to you if it is developed using consideration or awareness of your own personal characteristics (e.g., age, gender, race/ethnicity, religion/spirituality, inherited or potentially heritable biological or psychological characteristics, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, etc.) as well as past, present, and anticipated future environmental circumstances (e.g., divorce, marriage, losing a job, retirement, etc.) and/or life goals.

§ Example:Heart disease runs in my family, and several of my family members have died tragically young. It is an essential personal goal to live a long, healthy life filled with physical activity. To achieve this end, I plan to eat a heart-smart diet, have regular check-ups with my doctor, incorporate exercise, meditation, and yoga into my daily life, and maintain a low stress lifestyle by…etc.

If I do find out I have high cholesterol or heart disease, or actually suffer a heart attack in my 40s or 50s, I will compensate by taking cholesterol medication, altering my lifestyle by cutting out high LDL (bad cholesterol foods), and maintaining a better exercise regimen, including…etc.”

· Describe common stereotypes or myths about aging that you or others may hold and how you may challenge them as part of your personal aging plan.

· Write and present your thoughts in an integrated and critical manner and reference at least one textbook and at least one academic/scholarly journal article.

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Title: the-selection-optimization-and-compensation-soc-model-of-aging-and-briefly-describe

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