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Answer the
question given.

study of the behaviour of organizations focuses on how individuals,
groups/teams and the organization itself behaves. A manager should understand
the fundamentals of OB as it influences organizational performance and effectiveness.

In this
assignment, carefully select any organization you are familiar with (such as
the company you work in, an organization you belong to or any institution known
to you). After having familiarised yourself with the theories/models underlying
the concepts given below, study the organizations(s) that you have chosen and
critically analyse its application. You need not limit your responses to one

1. Organizational behaviour –
does the institution show it? How/why and what are its consequences on

2. How does your personality
affect your work performance?

3. Ability of individuals (you, a
colleague, your boss, etc.).

4. Job attitude (you, colleague,
manager, etc).

5. Job satisfaction

6. Your personal communication
skills and how they can be enhanced.

7. Your leadership style – what
skills can be improved?

8. Critical assessment of your
CEO/manager’s leadership style and skills?

9. Compare the different sources
of power used by two managers in influencing their subordinates.

10. What are the strengths/weaknesses
of the structure of the organization?

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Title: the-study-of-the-behaviour-of-organizations-focuses-on-how-individuals

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