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Essay Two: Evaluation “Hardly a day posses when we do not express our likes or dislikes. We constantly pass judgment on people, places, objects, events, ideas, and policies in the world around us. . . At the same time, we'are constantly exposed to the opinions of our friends, family members, teochers, and business associates. And, of course, the media barroge us with claims about products, famous personolities, and condidates for public office'(Writing Well 117). For this assignment, you will be writing a 4-6-page essay (12-point font' 1” margins, double-spaced) that evaluates either a restaurant, a movie, a specific geographical place (e.9., a park, a stadium, a classroom, an office, etc.), a video game, or a specific educational institution or program. After you decide which place, film, program, game, or restaurant you will evaluate, you will start planning your essay by designing criteria by which your topic should be judged. How does the subject that you've selected hold up when compared to those standards? Be careful to present an argument about your topic-a judgment of some sort-rather than simply a description of it. Descriptive details will help to introduce your readers to your subject and will serve as evidence to support your evaluative conclusions, but in order to do well on the assignment, you must also be sure to analyze how your subject measures up to the criteria which you've outlined. Key Features: L. An introduction that clearly but briefly describes the topic you are evaluating; 2. A thesis that presents your overall claim about this topic; this will likely be the last sentence of your introduction. 3. Criteria that you are using as the basis of your evaluation; be sure to explain or defend your criteria if necessary. 4. A clear judgment for each criterion you are using in your evaluation; 5. Adequate, specific evidence to support your judgments that the topic either meets or falls short of the stated criteria; this can include detailed description, facts, examples, testimony, or statistics. 6. Developed, well-organized body paragraphs with clear topic sentences and transitions; 7 . A conclusion that provides closure to the essay and considers the implications of the argument; 8. Observance of the conventions of standard written English.

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