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***These are all analytical papers, not informational or background papers. I want you to identify a problem or issue, lay it out with counterpoint as appropriate, and then see a strong conclusion with lessons learnt, and your specific solutions or recommendations. I need to see both detail and depth in both the body and the conclusion.

I don’t want to see just facts, or every paragraph with documentation indicating one is just using sources to outline ideas

Write a term paper which, for a Risk Assessment will: (Security Policy Development)

  • Ideally has a strong introductory paragraph and introduction laying out the key points, and what the paper accomplished.
  • Lays out the specific business or firm which will be evaluated.
  • Provides a threat analysis, a vulnerability analysis which includes existing security, and analysis of these analyses which leads to the actual risk assessment, and prioritization of risks.
  • Develops appropriate lessons one has based on the risk assessment, and draws appropriate recommendations for mitigation of the risks identified. Have a strong concluding statement
  • Uses proper paragraphs, used source material that is appropriate to the case, and concepts, that are developed in the body, and that all direct quotes are used to support one’s words and ideas, not replace them, or pass general information.
  • There is no length requirement as each case is unique and the paper will be as long or short as necessary to reach the lessons and takeaway you will support in the body of the paper

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Title: these-are-all-analytical-papers-not-informational-or-background-papers

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