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AAPL stores are going to enter the Brazilian market.
AAPL is looking forward to MKTG 6377 analysis and report to enter the Brazilian market. They need your analysis to develop their entry, product, price, promotion, and place strategies to enter the Brazilian market. They want MKTG 6377 to be creative, reasonable, and objective to develop their competitive edge in the Brazilian market.AAPL already took the decision to enter. You are the marketing expert that will guide their entry in the new market.
AAPL entry in the Brazilian market analysis should include the following sections:
1.0 Cover Page (Should include company name, course number and name, semester, your name and any other relevant information)
1.1 Table of contents (TOC)(should include section numbers and page numbers)
1.2 Executive Summary of the analysis (half page) (summary of your sections 2.0-6.4. You should not write any new sentence in this section. All sentences should come from sections 2.0-6.4)
1.3 Introduction of the country: Brazil (half page)
1.4 Introduction & Background of the company: AAPL (half page)
2.0 Global Marketing Environment Analysis (focus on the Brazilian market) PEST
2.1 Brazilian Politics, rules and regulations
2.2 Brazilian economy
2.3 Brazilian society and culture
2.4 Brazilian Technology

2.5 Opportunities and threats (3X3)
3.0 Global Competition Analysis (focus on the Brazilian market).
3.1 Primary competition: compare AAPL with the primary competitor. Use a table of strengths and weaknesses (3X3). Compare the most important 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses for the two competitors.
3.2 Secondary competition. Briefly discuss 2 secondary competitors.
4.0 Entry Strategies Discussion & Evaluation (from your textbook) (Ch08).
Discuss 3 possible entry strategies and their relevance to AAPL in Brazil.
4.1 Entry Strategy Selection and discussion.
Discuss the best entry strategy that AAPL stores should use to enter the Brazilian market.
5.0 AAPL market analysis & segmentation (in Brazil).
Discuss the consumers that AAPL should target in Brazil.
6.0 Global Marketing Mix Strategies
6.1 Product Strategy
6.2 Price Strategy
6.3 Promotion Strategy
6.4 Place strategy
7.0 References
8.0 Appendices
Pages of the Analysis (These pages assume single space you may need to double the pages in case of using double space):
Page 0 = Cover page.
Page 1 = table of contents.
Page 2= executive summary.
Page 3= Introduction & Background
Pages 4-8 = Body of your analysis
Page 9 = References (APA format and should be cross referenced in the body of your Report).
Pages 10 on ward = Appendix.

Additional guidelines:

Your report should be your own write up using your own words and ideas. No copying and pasting from the internet.

Your paper should be APA formatted. Exception: your pages should be single spaced.

Font & Margins: Use Times New Roman font, size 12 points with 1 inch all around.

Use 5-10 scholar references in your report (5-10 cites). Wikipedia is not a scholar cite.

Your references should be APA formatted and cross referenced in the body of your report.

Try to cite the Bloomberg Business Week magazine in your report.

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Title: they-need-your-analysis-to-develop-their-entry-product

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