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This assignment is due on Sunday May 26, 2013 at 10
am EST . It is important to respond to all the bullets points following closely
the instructions, and also using APA format . The similarity scores cannot be
more than 15% for this assignments. In
text citation must be use throughout the entire assignment. Scholarly sources
must be used as indicated in the questions , and the writer must chose a
population or neighborhood that he will
have access to much information as this is a continues assignment that
will I will be written on for some weeks as you can see
in the paragraph below . It is important to properly read the instructions and
address the questions to it entirety using proper APA edition 6th ,
that’s in including a properly formatted running head and paper number , title
page , abstract , introduction , literature review as requested , in text
citation , a conclusion , and finally a reference page all in APA format. The paper is supposed to be a
minimum of 700 words document (not including title and reference page ) Proper
grammar must also be use .

Your final Key Assignment for this course will
include a written community health teaching intervention based on assessment.
It will also include a brief teaching plan and description of your actual
educational session or class with a group comprised of your community members
or in a setting frequented by members of your population. Your final assignment
should include knowledge gained from your library research of your issue, a
windshield survey, an interview with a key member of the community, and the
PowerPoint teaching aid preparations that you completed during the previous

prepare for this final Key Assignment, this week’s assignment will require
background research of the issues involved and a design of a health promotion
intervention that strategically responds to all of your findings.

the following:

population or neighborhood

targeted health problem affecting the selected community or population

your background library research and brief literature review of the clinical
health problem and your population.

what you want your responsive community teaching intervention to involve
(components, approaches, strategies, targeted health promotion and prevention
behaviors) and its scope.

1 30-minute interview with a key player (public health nurse, social worker,
educator, clergyperson, city council member, industry association leader,
government worker, etc.) who works with your targeted community and is an
expert on their needs.

this expert’s discussion in your report (described above) of your interview
document. Include the following:

leader’s background

with the community

and professional preparation

of your leader’s work in the community

person’s perceptions of the problems and possible solutions to health problems
affecting the population

your paper of 3 pages, be sure to use APA formatting
throughout, and include at least 1–2 scholarly sources.

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