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Dear Mr. Carlos Holmes, this course which I am taking this semester is an online course. The name of this course is Emerging Issues in the health of the Nation. I have TWO questions which I need you to answer them. These two questions are posted in the blackboard by the professor. The professor also posted TWO materials on the blackboard for these questions and HERE ARE THE MATERIALS:

question #1 – Please discuss how hospital procedures in foreign countries are able to be done much cheaper as compared to similar procedures in the United States. In addition to referencing the assigned class video, please cite additional sources to support your answer.
Question #2 – Assume you are a Health Care Insurance CEO and you are adding a benefit to your customers for them to get hospital procedures in foreign countries. Please provide answers to the following question:
What procedures would you cover? Would you pay for patient travel to and from the foreign country? Would you cover follow up care in the United States? In the foreign country? What would you do to ensure the quality of care provided to your clients? What other things would you be thinking about in your decision to offer out of country care?Please provide support for your answers.

IMPORTANT NOTE:- Please ensure that your answers for each question are at least 300 words.- Please I want Mr. Carlos Holmes do this assignment, because I want the same style of writing.

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Title: this-course-which-i-am-taking-this-semester-is-an-online-course-2

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