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This course which I am taking this semester is an online course. The name of this course is Emerging Issues in the health of the Nation. I have TWO questions which I need an expert to answer them. These two questions are posted in the blackboard by the professor. The professor posted TWO materials on the blackboard with these questions and here are the materials:
Here are the question #1We have had some really good discussions on the health care system and its reform in our country and in the state of Maryland. This week we will discuss how we compare to other countries that have established universal health care and/or more comprehensive health plans for its citizens.In the article “Comparing the U.S. and Canadian Health Care Systems”, authors conclude that while it is commonly supposed that a single-payer, publicly funded system would deliver better health out-comes and distribute health resources more fairly than a multi-payer system with a large private component, their study does not provide support for this view. Please explain possible reasons why the author’s study does not provide support for this view.
Here are the question #2:In “Explaining High Health Care Spending in the United State…” the article shows what we already know, health care spending in the United States is higher than in any other developed country in the world. The analysis also indicated that the U.S. also under-performs relative to other countries on most dimensions of performance. Please provide two reasons (dimensions of performance where the U.S. under-performs) from the article and explain each in detail based on the article and your own experiences.

Important notes:- Please ensure that your answers for each question are at least 300 words.- Please I want Mr. Carlos Holmes do this assignment, because I want the same style of writing.

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Title: this-course-which-i-am-taking-this-semester-is-an-online-course

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