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I need help developing a web game similar to Jeopardy. This game must consist on the creation of a broad range of information pertinent to the history of psychology. The purpose is to develop creativity, critical thinking, self-testing, that will be used by all students in my class to review for the final exam. It may be a board game, a word game, a trivia game, etc., with 100-200 questions, which can be played by as few as 2 and as many as 10 participants. The game should question participants about relevant aspects in the history of Psychology in an effective and unambiguous fashion to allow them to review course material and have fun. It should use material from at least 4 different sources, including the textbook, at least one game, one chapter on how to write effective test questions, and a web page, or a book, or a scientific journal article, or a historical archive, or a magazine (e.g., information, images, and ideas). It should include a copy of typed rules and detailed instructions and whatever is needed to play the game. My professor kept saying this is supposed to be a fun project and not something overwhelming or dreaded.

This is why I was thinking of a game similar to Jeopardy. The topic I chose is on Behaviorism/Neobehaviorism. It can be on different psychologists and there theories such as, Ivan Pavlov, John B Watson, William McDougall, BF Skinner, Edwin Guthrie, etc.

I do not have a creative bone in my body, nor do I know how to develop such designs. IS there anyone able to help me out?

If it’s any consolation, my professor was saying that the game can also be presented in a power point. She said as long as it’s presented in some type of creative format that will help other students to learn, and find it fun to learn about the history of the topic we have chosen.

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Title: this-game-must-consist-on-the-creation-of-a-broad-range-of-information-pertinent-to-the-history

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