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This semester, by far, has been one of my best since I’ve been here at Penn State. This semester I’ve: taken another huge step in becomingcomfortablein my own skin, taught anadministratorabout respect, kept my GPA up over a 3.3 while taking 7 classes (17 credits), laughed more than I can remember, and been happier than I’ve ever been before. I solidified my realization this semester that it is not my grades that matter, it is not tip-toeing around people who may affect your grade, it isn’t hiding from who you really are. What this semester has taught me is that the real meaning of college is not in the classroom, it’s the experiences that you have outside of the classroom that really make you who you are. I feel like at the end of one of these “wrap-up” essays you should answer the question, “If you had one piece of advice for someone who is about to start college, what would you say?” What would I say… hmmm. Well I believe I would tell them a couple of things: 1) HAVE FUN! Life’s too short and college is a heck of a lot shorter so enjoy yourself, 2) don’t stress about grades; it’s really not worth it, in 30 years you wont remember that C you got on the Psych exam or the B- you got in Chem so don’t stress about it, 3) treat the world around you with the same respect you are given; one of the main things my father taught me was “It doesn’t matter if the person you’re talking to is 10 or 90; it doesn’t matter if they’re a preschooleror the President of the United States, we are all human and deserve the same respect”, I have become extremely successful so far in my college career by doing this, why? Because when people see that you demand the same respect as them, they will treat you like an adult, as long as you’re ready for the pressure that may come with it some times, go for it because you deserve nothing less, and 4) YOLO! “You only live once!” Understand that you’re only here for a certain amount of time, don’t wonder in 10 years what would’ve happened if you talked to that one girl, what would’ve happened if you went to that one party or what would’ve happened if you confronted that one person. You’re guarenteed one life, make the most of it. I honestly feel like this semester I did and I don’t regret one thing that I’ve done and I think that’s why I can sleep so soundly at night. I’m not going to be here next semester and I’m really going to miss it but I know that all of the things I learned here and the things that I’m going to learn while I’m at Disney are going to make my Spring semester just that much better.

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Title: this-semester-ive-taken-another-huge-step

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