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Let’s have a midterm
like you have never had before.
This is really cool; trust me.

Look at this
PowerPoint slide.

There are several
interesting elements to study.

This attached chart
is the supply chain for a book, any book, paper bound, that you would purchase
or get loaned out from a library.

Notice the focal
is the point of view for this particular chart. That means that the person
looking at this chart is interested in publishing the book. That is their job,
publishing books. For me, when my book was published, it would be my agent,
Cindy, from Boca Raton, Florida.

Notice the tiers.These are the next
major steps in the process of going to that focal point or leaving that focal
point. The tiers, or steps as some call them, go downstream toward the
customer, flowing like a river of books toward you and me, the consumer. But,
they also can be traced back upstream, where the raw materials come from as
they are pulled together to form parts of the book that finally come together
in the focal point, which we could call a manufacturing site as well, since the
publisher manufactures the book.

The question of where
to place the focal point in crucial here to understanding this entire forward
logistics process.

We could have moved
the focal point to that book vendor distributor. That might be your very own
warehouse. You have image what the supply chain might look like if we shift to
that point. If we were to place the focal point at that warehouse section, then
the upstream and downstream tiers would shift.

So, for the midterm.

Since we are having
so much fun in this PhD like setting, let’s explore this midterm question as a
forum. There is no right or wrong answer. There is the details of how you drill
down into the problem and then we hold a discussion on what you start with. We
will end this midterm forum question in a different place.

The midterm.

You decide on a
product from LL Bean that they sell both in their physical store location as
well as online.

You take this
PowerPoint chart and update the chart from the perspective of that product.
That product could be a shoe, a coat, etc. However, do not pick just one shoe
or coat. Pick all shoes or all coats or all blouses, etc. for men only or
women, or both. Boots can be worn by both genders, and kids.

Replace the words in
this book chart for a library with the specific product terms and parts that
might make up the product from upstream.

That is the first
part of the forward logistics depiction of this best practice vision of LL

Next, and this is
most important, write in 250-500 words a descriptive and original post about
what you have learned, what the changes on the chart and why, and your position
is on this entire situation.When you have completed this “picture” then write a short
paper on why you chose the stops along the way for the return process. That is,
document each step along the way going backwards into that supply chain.Please do not take
this as the only things to discuss, but as a start and where it goes is where
you will bring in your originality.

First- take a look at
thus video to get a perspective on L.L. Bean during the holiday season:″>Click here for the Video


Your initial post should be at least 250 words. Please respond to at least 2
other students. Responses should be a minimum of 100 words and include direct

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