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Module 4 – Case


Assignment Overview

Case studies enhance learning by engaging students in active learning to promote deeper understanding and improve retention. This method will give you the opportunity to apply theory to real world events. This assignment will build on the problem solving process, by showing you another method to make decisions.

Case Assignment

Use your Problem Scoping document from Case 3 to more fully develop your solution to the problem you chose. This will be your Case Study. You will address the case study and use the problem solving and decision making model provided below to solve the problem you addressed in Case 3. Here you will identify the problem, root causes, develop alternatives, evaluate alternatives and select a solution.

Problem Scoping Assignment Instructions:

Read the″>Case Study Approach for information on how to effectively complete a Case Study. The next step is to read the Case Study provided.

Your final case study submission should include the following steps:

  1. Define the Problem. What is happening?
  2. Write a problem Statement with Root Cause. What is the “real” cause of the problem, not just the symptoms?
  3. Select and define criteria. Illustrate in a decision table.
  4. Develop three Alternative Solutions and use them to complete your decision table. Remember to refer to page 6 to complete the Ideation process necessary to creatively develop these alternative solutions.
  5. Select the Best Alternative by applying the criteria.
  6. Create an Implementation Plan.
  7. Develop an evaluation plan. How will you know that it worked?

Assignment Expectations

This assignment need to be completed in paragraph format using full sentences. Insert the decision table you made into your word document.


Review the Problem Solving skills you have learned in SLP assignments 1-4. Using your creativity, develop a Powerpoint presentation that illustrates what you have learned from each Problem Solving approach. On your final slide, include your reaction to your results from the Decision Making Style Quiz results from Page 5 of the″>Case Study Packet.

SLP Assignment Expectations

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