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Module 3 – Case


Assignment Overview

Case: The Excellent Manufacturing Company and Quality Management & Six Sigma

Note:Click the following link for information on the″>Excellent Manufacturing Company (EMC). You will find information on(A) EMC—Background Information; (B) Product Brochure; (C) Plasti-Brack Information; (D) Manufacturing Processes; (E) Basic Financial Information about EMC; (F) Organizational Chart; (G) Plant Layout


Company E-Mail

FROM:Gerald Garcia

SUBJECT: Quality Improvements

The new Quality Manager begins shortly. We need to be ready when she arrives.

I want each Product Manager to review the quality situation in the processes that are used for their product lines. In particular, I want a plan on how to implement process capability, process control charts, and Six Sigma. Which processes should we start with and how do we proceed?

Also, what problems do you know about regarding the incoming raw materials and purchased parts? What would you suggest for improving the quality of these?

Finally, I want you to provide your assessment of implementing a TQM program and/or going for ISO9000 certification. What do you recommend based on your specific department and EMC overall?

Be sure to use the Report Template I provided in the first assignment.

I will look for your report in about two weeks.

Let me know if you have any questions as you proceed. Thanks. ~GG

Case Assignment

Analyze the quality situation in the processes that are used to produce the Plasti-Brack product line. Determine an appropriate plan for implementing a quality plan and improving the quality situation. Justify your plan and make recommendations regarding TQM and ISO9000. Write a report to the VP of Operations. Use the″>Report Templateprovided. Review″>Notes about″> at EMC.

Assignment Expectations

  • Use the information provided in the Background readings. It is not necessary to do any additional research.
  • Review the notes about quality at the Excellent Manufacturing Company and become familiar with the various quality issues for the Plasti-Brack product line.
  • Analyze the possibilities of doing process capability studies and implementing statistical process control. How would you implement these?
  • How would a six sigma program be utilized in your area? How would you utilize certified Blackbelts and Greenbelts?
  • Read the background readings about TQM and ISO9000 and determine your recommendations for the Plasti-Brack process and EMC in general.
  • Determine a plan for implementing quality in the Plasti-Brack product line.
  • Justify your plan based on the concepts of capacity management.

READ the information provided by the resources and references on the Background page. Understand the theory and concept of Quality management, process capability, process charting, TQM, ISO9000, and Six Sigma.

Study the information about the Plasti-Brack product line and its quality issues. Determine the current quality problems facing Plasti-Brack products. How can you use various quality tools to improve quality? What can you do to assist the new Quality Manager in implementing TQM, ISO9000, and/or Six Sigma?

NOTE: If you use the references provided in the Background, then you do not need to include a References section. If you do decide to use additional references, then you need to cite them and include them in a References section.

The report should be 3–4 pages and submitted by the module due date.

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Title: trident-opm500-module-3-case

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