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Module 2

The great problem standing in the way of Korean reunification is the enormous disparity , in the North, between the ruling class and the ruled. Millions live on the edge of starvation, while Communist Party cadre enjoy a comfortable, middle-class lives. Some families designated “enemies of the people” have been suffering in forced labor camps for three generations. It’s safe to assume that if the North Korean dictatorship ever disappears, the “have-nots” will have scores to settle with the “haves.”

How can freedom come to the North, without triggering a civil war? Support your conclusions with references and current events.

Module 3

Can you think of any other country where the lessons learned from South Africa might apply? Bahrain is a country at strife with King who is a Sunni Muslim but faces revolt from a population that is majority Shiite Muslim. There is also conflict between Muslims and Hindis in India, which is also connected to the dispute over Kashmir which is a Muslim region split with Pakistan. These are just some examples, many other countries face ethnic conflict as well. Take one country, and explain how the lessons learned from this module’s discussion on South Africa apply to this country.

Module 4

The two Palestinian territories — the West Bank and the Gaza Strip — are ruled by competing political movements. Do a quick web search to learn what you can about those organizations. What do their differences mean, in light of a possible detente with Israel? Be sure to support your answers with references.

Module 5

Compare the European Union and NAFTA. What are the similarities and differences? Discuss some advantages and disadvantages of each.

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