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Module 2 – Case


Read the information on the background page of the module pertaining to goal setting. In addition, we will review a well-known approach to creating goals, known as the SMART criteria. George Doran first developed the SMART criteria for goal setting in the 1981 issue of Management Review. You will now create your own goal setting worksheet using this″>template.

Written by Chrissy Scivicque, reprinted with Permission from Office Arrow at .com/”>

Click on the template above. You will create TWO goals. Please set one academic goal for this current session. The second goal should be a long-term academic goal. Be sure to write a short-term academic goal and long-term academic goal that include all 5 of the S, M, A, R, and T Criteria. Complete the template, save your work, and upload the assignment in the Case 2 Dropbox.

Assignment Expectations

Submit your completed goal worksheet for this Case to the Dropbox. Make sure you use the SMART goal techniques and create two goals, one goal for this session and one long-term goal.Each of your two goal statements must include all five of the SMART aspects.

A requirement of this assignment is to also set up an advising phone appointment with your Student Success Advisor. This appointment is meant for you to review essential parts of your degree plan, the enrollment process, your academic plan, and how your degree directly impacts your success at Trident University and beyond. Your Student Success Advisor will provide you with a four digit code that you can enter on your SMART GOALS template to earn credit for this assignment. Please also take this time with your Student Success Advisor to register for the upcoming session using the course recommendations you receive.

You may schedule your advising appointment by clicking on the “Appointment with an Advisor” link, located under the “MyRequests” dropdown menu and “Tools & Links” section of your TLC Portal.

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